The Price of Magic


When Abby and her brother Chris moved house four summers ago, they discovered that magic exists, met a pair of witches that lived down the road and carried out a heroic rescue of their mother from the Land of Fairy. But despite the discovery of their own magical talents, the memories of those events are beginning to fade. And even Abby, who gave up her magic to save her mother and carries the scars of a ghost sabre tooth tiger, is forgetting that eventful summer.

Then, while Chris is away and Abby is helping the witches during the Easter holidays, the Queen of the Land of Fairy comes back into Abby’s life, looking for help. Even though the witches try to protect her, Abby gets drawn into events with frightening consequences. She must face the results of what happened to her in the Land of Fairy, rescue her neighbour, and stop a magical war.

That’s a lot of pressure for an eleven-year-old girl, even with a warrior’s soul, but magic always has a price and a warrior’s work is seldom done…

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